We offer a full corporate programme in Cesky Krumlov and the surrounding area. Our focus is on river tours combined with unconventional paddling activities and a supporting "dry" programme. These activities are also suitable for letting off steam as part of your conferences and workshops.

Above all, the aim of our programme is entertainment, team bonding and as a way of building informal relations.


verejnost-kanoe-2Full service:

  • detailed programme offering
  • all equipment (paddling gear: boats, life jackets, paddles, barrels)
  • staff (qualified water touring instructors)
  • programme leading, safety guarantee
  • transportation of participants and equipment
  • arranging suitable accommodation and catering
  • evening grill parties
  • presentation photo of your programme

Our programmes are available for small as well as for larger groups, up to till 100 people. The activities are suitable for people of all ages who are in average physical condition.

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Programme offering:

  • Ride down a section of the Vltava river on the canoes and rafts with innovative paddle and land activities (for an example programme for a group of 30 people, see below)
  • Riding through the historical centre of Český Krumlov on the rafts/alternatively a night-ride through the historical centre of C.K. (programme description, see below)

In case of bad weather, we will organise an alternative programme for you: sightseeing in historical centre of Český Krumlov, a visit to the graphite mines, explore the Eggenberg brewery with beer tasting, etc.)


Example of a concrete company event

ProgrammeRoute Cesky Krumlov – Zlata Koruna

9:00-10:00     hand out paddling gear

10:00-12:00   ride through the historical centre of Cesky Krumlov, innovative paddling activities: balance exercises (standing on the upper raft edge and other variations, riding in a standing position), taking the weirs in various ways (nose forward, stern forward, side wards). Arrival at Milan's kiosk.

12:00-13:00   low rope courses + teamwork skis/spider web

13:00-14:00   lunch at Milan's Kiosk

14:00-17:00   ride down to Zlatá Koruna, on the way unconventional paddle games and competitions (stern forward, upside down paddling, paddling without paddles), tag games, building the pyramids, raft warping)

17:30-?          Evening grill party


Notes: We like to prepare the programme according to your individual requests: a different section of the river, activities, sightseeing, composition and timing schedule, etc.

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Riding through the historical centre of Český Krumlov on the rafts (we also offer a night variation) c. 2 hours

The River Vltava runs through the picturesque historic centre of Český Krumlov, which we will view from an unusual water vantage point. There are four weirs on the way – a highlight of paddle sports – guaranteeing adventure and fun. Navigating these weirs will depend on the water level; currently we take on all of them. The tour through Český Krumlov lasts around one hour. As the tour finishes near to the historic centre (5 minutes walk), we recommend that you follow with sightseeing in Český Krumlov. This programme is suitable people of all ages in average physical condition.